Wellness Formulated

Phytomed is the latest brand introduced by Zardband Pharmaceuticals, a well-known natural and herbal medicine producer in Iran. Phytomed represents a new generation of natural pharmaceuticals that is particularly developed for ease of use, precise dosage, and more effectiveness.

Phytomed’s target audience, including physicians, patients, and all those who favor a healthy lifestyle, are among a new generation of natural medicine enthusiasts. Unlike the prior generations, and for various reasons, this new generation prefers to choose modern products with a natural origin rather than consuming herbs and other natural products in traditional ways. The main reasons for this preference include the ease of use because of the medicinal form and dosage, containing precisely standardized ingredients that let them be prescribed by physicians, and being scientifically certified by the regulatory bodies.
Phytomed products are now in the market, introducing well-being as a way of life, and are to be identified by their natural ingredients, ease of use, and improved effectiveness.


Wellness Formulated